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Report from Tohoku.

This video that Japan society has made introduces the situation in Tohoku area after over 1 year since the earthquake.

JEN, which is the NGO that we sent the donations to, is also featured. It shows the work they have been doing in Ishinomaki, how the donations have been used.

This video introduces the footage from places in Tohoku that had heavy damages from tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima.


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Report from Japan

We have made a poster with images of supporters that are on this website and sent it to NPO JEN. Now it is on the wall of community centre in Ishinomaki.


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Updates from JAPAN

One of the members from “We are with you” went to Ishinomaki city (tsunami affected area) from 11-13th July as a volunteer of NGO JEN to which we sent all the donations.

It has been 4 months since the awful earthquake and tsunami happened and here is some of the latest pictures from the area where devastation happened.

We are with youのメンバーの一人が、募金の寄付先であるNGO JENのボランティアとして、7月11日〜13日まで宮城県石巻へ行ってきました。


Honda-san who is from near Ishinomaki area. She works for NGO JEN after the earthquake.

震災後、NGO JENのスタッフとして働く本田さん。

This bank was made this height based on the Chile tsunami in 1960s.


When you look at debris that are left on the coast area, there are so many different things mixed together such as private materials (clothes, dishes, notebooks, pictures etc) , industrial products fragments, and wooden piece from the buildings.


Someone’s mickey mouse left on the coast.

This used to be a local temple which stands right along the coast.


There are clear signs of the damage caused by tsunami in not only the coast area but also in inland area. The ground floors of most buildings in inland area are destroyed and made the building very fragile. Local people told me that this road was filled with water until just few weeks ago.


A private housing which ground floor is also destroyed with tsunami.


Factories which also torn down by tsunami.


On the way to Onagawa town, where is the town next town to Ishinomaki, has a quite strong damage by tsunami.


Onagawa area Only few buildings are still standing.



The concrete building on the left was fallen down by the force of tsunami and now it is left standing on sideways.


Many buildings and houses are swept away with tsunami in this area. A lot of debris that are left here right after tsunami, but were already moved to other areas which stores debris.


This is a hospital in Onagawa which stands 16 meters higher from the ground, however, the first floor of this hospital also was torn down with tsunami which can be recognised by the warped steel signs.


Looking towards the sea from the hospital.


Here, you can also tell how tsunami came up to this high.


As you see in this picture, the sea is usually very calm which makes us almost impossible to imagine such horrible devastation.


In Ishinamaki city, you will find many temporary area to store debris. The amount of debris came to 6,380,000 tons in Ishinamki city only. This equals to the amount of garbage that Ishinomaki city usually produce in 100 years.


The red zone shows the damage by tsunami in Ishinomaki city. Especially the area along the river is strongly damaged.


First temporary housing site of the day. Helping to move daily necessaries to temporary housing with local people in Ishinomaki.


Preparing all goods that go into each room.


These goods are here to help people to leave evacuation sites and start a new life in these temporary housings that can provide more privacy.


Second temporary housing site.


Third temporary housing site.


Boxes waiting to be placed into the temporary housings.


Local people who are also affected by tsunami are helping to move these goods to the temporary housings.


Some of these local people even lost their families and houses, but they are very strong, making funny jokes to make me smile.


Having a break with a driver who drove all the way from Kanto area to deliver these goods.


This is where to keep goods to move to temporary housings.



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Activity Report

Thank you to all of you who participated in supporting Japan.
We have collected 3491.32 GBP and 234.03 Euros in 3 months
which includes street donation that we have executed for 23 times.
We collected 1376 photos from many different countries and
have accesses from over 80 countries around the globe.


Total Amount: 3492.32 GBP + 234.03 Euros
Collected photos: 1376





All the donation is sent to JEN which is doing emergency assistance in Earthquake/tsunami striking area.


Situations in Japan is still quite hard.
The amount of garbage (including debris) turned out to be over 18,000,000t
in Miyagi Prefecture only which is equal to the amount of which people
in Miyagi usually consume in 23 years.
Many organisations including JEN to which we sent our donations are
trying to get as many volunteers as they can to help getting rid of the muds,
garbage and debris in order to bring people’s life back as fast as they can.
Attached pictures are from JEN getting rid of muds and garbages
from the houses in Watanoha, Miyagi.














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Letter from Japan NGO JEN

We have received a letter from Japan NGO JEN with the receipt for our donation we collected from London and Germany.

amount of money we have sent transfered in Japan and turned up to 256,114 JPY !!  this amount, we would say, is enough for 4t truck with full of stuff to make 3-5 return trips from Tokyo to Tohoku area. thanks everyone!!

attached the letter below,







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Recent footage on BBC news

Please check out this video footage of the recent situation.
JEN is working in the field!

JEN on BBC News

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Recent situation in Ishinomaki

Here are some recent pics shared by NGO JEN.

Many Volunteers came to Ishinomaki area during “Golden Week” (Japanese public holidays) to assist JEN’s activities. They camped at a local university campus.

location→ Ishinomaki Senshu University


They have given out warm clothes and daily necessaries to the local people at a local primary school.
JEN has communicated with local people while giving out necessaries which helped them to understand when to give out what in more detail.


The following picture is another place to give out goods, in Watanoha area.
There is a base camp of JEN near this area and over 30 volunteers stay over there to help people everyday.


Staff of JEN, Tasuku Futamura. Showing the ending time of volunteer work of the day.

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Shusuke / Fukuoka, Japan

Today is the anniversary of forty nine days after the catastrophe in japan (Japanese people usually commemorate the souls of the deceased on the forty-ninth day after somebody’s death). I sent up fifty balloons at 14:46 when the quake occurred. I hope that my condolence and wish for peace will reach those
in heaven and all over the world.

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LOVE FOR NIPPON, Yoko Abe / Miyagi, Japan

I went to Miyagi as a volunteer. During that time, 4 major earthquakes occurred when still being in the area. Seeing the aftermath left me speechless and and heartbroken. The magnitude of destruction was unfathomable. The entire town had been reduced to rubble. There is just not enough aid workers to cover a disaster or that proportion and more help is definitely needed.
Pictures were taken at Yamamoto-town and Watari-Gun, Miyagi
Love for Nippon

Love for Nippon

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Recent pictures from NGO JEN

These pictures are taken by JEN in tsunami affected area near Matsunami, Ishimaki-shi, Miyagi-ken, JAPAN.  MAP

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Message from Japan Makoto Ota / Tokyo, Japan

I really appreciate you all to send us such a great relief from the world, and I personally would like to apologize that we have polluted the sea sharing with you, all over the world.
Please give us any of your response, such as a relief or even criticism.
I would only afraid to have neglect.

The cherry blossom(Japanese national flower) is blooming amazingly as usual
and I would be looking forward to your visit here soon.



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Pictures from Miyagi area

The following pictures are from Shiogama, Miyagi, tsunami affected area in Japan.
There is still no electricity, and no water and people are queueing to receive emergency food.
All photos are sent to us from Mr.Hiroyuki Furuya who lives in Shiogama area.

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School Playground after Tsunami

Latest image from NGO JEN


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of my dog who is with me in tokyo at the moment hiding under the table from the earthquakes we are still feeling. Nina / Tokyo, Japan

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